John Oliver Takes On the Sugar Industry for Halloween

John Oliver Last Week Tonight Fan Mail - H 2014
Courtesy of HBO

John Oliver Last Week Tonight Fan Mail - H 2014

The talk show host also comments on a 'sexy John Oliver' Halloween costume

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver reflected on some of America's scary sugar statistics in honor of Halloween. He pointed out that Americans eat 75 pounds of sugar annually, which he refers to as "Michael Cera's weight in sugar every single year."

That was just one of a host of facts about sugar that Oliver discussed on the episode, which focused on not only the negative effects of sugar, but how food and beverage companies don't want to reveal how much sugar they add to their products. The FDA is attempting to propose new labeling regulations so that nutrition labels reflect added sugar, and Oliver's informative but funny segment explains why companies are fighting against this.

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Watch below to see Oliver's suggestions on a new way to measure sugar that makes it simpler for Americans to understand how much is in their food. The hashtag "ShowUsYourPeanuts" is involved. Look out for a bonus sketch on sexy Halloween costumes, including a woman dressed up as a "sexy John Oliver."