John Oliver Calls on Congress to Stop Trump, Comparing President to Misbehaving Little Boy

Courtesy of YouTube/Politics Video Channel

The 'Last Week Tonight' host weighed in on the firing of FBI director James Comey.

John Oliver took on Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey on Sunday night's edition of Last Week Tonight.

But the HBO host wasn't so much bothered by the president getting rid of the man leading an investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia as he was by what he saw as a weak response from Congress.

"It is too easy to point at Trump being crazy. That's what he does. He's not going to stop, and it's going to be exhausting for everyone," said Oliver. "The important question is what do the rest of us do."

Playing video footage of both House Speaker Paul Ryan and Iowa Rep. Rod Blum dismissing questions about Trump's tweet suggesting he'd taped his conversations with Comey and about appointing a special prosecutor, Oliver called out the legislative chamber.

"It is time for each and every one of [the members of Congress] to pick a lane here," said Oliver. "They do have some options. Obviously there are the investigations that are currently ongoing. They could also press deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel within the Justice Department, but at the very least here they need to acknowledge that what has happened is f—ed up and not continue to give non-answers."

Oliver added that while the United States' founding fathers created a system of checks and balances to limit the president's power, "It only works if someone f—ing checks or balances. And if you don't, it's no longer on Trump, it's on you."

The host compared Trump's behavior to a misbehaving child, saying, "When you've got the presidential equivalent of a 5-year-old shitting on the salad bar of a Ruby Tuesday, at some point you stop blaming the 5-year-old and you start blaming the people who are not stopping him."

"Stop that boy! That's what I'm saying," added Oliver. "Stop that boy now!"

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