John Oliver Mocks Trump for Flip-Flopping on Syria, China

John Oliver- Studio shot at desk  - Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of HBO

"We have a leader operating on a learner’s permit."

John Oliver took aim at Donald Trump, Sean Spicer and Geraldo Rivera on Sunday.

He discussed Trump's interview about the Syria strike, in which Trump raved about the "beautiful" chocolate cake he was eating with Chinese president Xi Jinping when he told him about the strike.

“Only Donald Trump could use a conversation about missile strikes in the Middle East to advertise the cake at Mar-a-Lago," said Oliver. 

The Last Week Tonight host reflected on the large amount of Trump's foreign policy flip-flops recently, including changing his mind on Syria, NATO, China, Janet Yellen and more.

"It is incredibly annoying how long it took Donald Trump to reach a conclusion that everyone else had already reached," said Oliver, speaking to Trump's declaration that NATO is "no longer obsolete." He continued, "It is like a flat earth-er finally admitting the Earth is round. Yes, you are finally right but I'm still mad at you that you ever believed that shit in the first place."

He said the policy reversals must be frustrating to the people who voted for Trump. “If you are Trump supporter, you might rightly be pissed off. It’s like getting tickets for The Vagina Monologues but on the night you went it starred Brian Dennehy,” Oliver said.

He pointed out that Xi Jinping got Trump to change his mind about China's relationship with North Korea in ten minutes.

"The president seems to change his mind based on any information that is new to him, which seems to be almost any information," opined Oliver. “That is genuinely worrying. We have a leader operating on a learner’s permit."

He also teased Sean Spicer for his controversial and incorrect remarks on Hitler not using chemical weapons. "That’s not just wrong, that’s $200 question on Jeopardy wrong," said Oliver. “Everybody knows mass chemical extermination was kind of Hitler’s thing. That and the mustache. You take them away and all you’ve got is an ill-tempered Austrian with resting bitch face."

Oliver said Spicer was not "in control of his own mouth. “Most specifically, the moment he suddenly decided to coin the term ‘Holocaust center' — which sounds like the home arena for an alt-right hockey team."

On Sunday Oliver also spoke about how much Trump responds to praise and how he is being praised for dropping the "mother of all bombs" on Afghanistan. He played a clip of Rivera complimenting the bomb on Fox and Friends.

“One of my favorite things in 16 years at Fox News is watching bombs drop on bad guys," Rivera said.

"That’s a coincidence because one of my favorite things in four season on this show is getting to look directly into the camera and say ‘F— you Geraldo, I hope your mustache gets caught in a box fan,'" said Oliver.

Oliver went on to play a clip of Rivera saying he hopes Trump will keep an element of surprise for the bad guys like a childhood bully Rivera knew did.

Rivera responded to Oliver's comments by telling the host that ISIS soldiers are "baby killing terrorists, throat cutting savages who rape & burn religious minorities."

John Oliver's main focus of the evening was the French elections, in which he pleaded with France to not make the same mistake America did when it elected Trump.