John Oliver's Sewage Plant Renaming Donation Hinges on Single Condition From Mayor

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'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'

The back-and-forth all started on Aug. 16 when the HBO host took shots at Danbury during his show. 

The war of words between Last Week Tonight host John Oliver and Danbury, Connecticut Mayor Mark Boughton may finally be coming to a close.

On Saturday, Boughton said he would accept Oliver’s challenge to name the city’s sewage plant after the HBO host following Oliver's offer to donate $55,000 to local charities.

However, the mayor said it would only happen if Oliver agreed to show up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The back-and-forth all started on Last Week Tonight's Aug. 16 show when Oliver took shots at Danbury during a segment on racial disparities in jury selection. The segment focused on other cities in Connecticut, but Oliver randomly teed off Danbury for some levity.

Boughton was not impressed and said the city's sewage plant would be renamed after the host because  “it’s full of crap just like you, John.” However, it seems Boughton's main point was to take a shot at Oliver; the plant would not actually be renamed.

Oliver delighted in the idea and said he was so disheartened when he learned it was not actually happening, that he offered the donation to make sure the renaming went through.

It is unclear if Oliver, who has been doing his show remote due to the pandemic, will travel to conclude the battle.