John Slattery Says He Had Planned to Star in Philip Seymour Hoffman-Directed Film

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Philip Seymour Hoffman

The late Oscar winner was planning to switch roles with his 'God's Pocket' director.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's shocking death in February left a number of projects in limbo, including The Hunger Games: Mockingjay; the planned showtime series Happyish, in which he was set to star; and his planned second film outing as a director, Ezekiel Moss.

He had also completed two films that have since been released in the U.S., A Most Wanted Man and Mad Men star John Slattery's directorial debut, God's Pocket.

But there was another project Hoffman was considering, Slattery has revealed in an interview with Yahoo's U.K. movie site. (God's Pocket opens in British theaters on Friday.)

Hoffman had planned to direct the Mad Men star in an upcoming film after Slattery directed him in God's Pocket.

"[Philip] said we should switch roles," Slattery says, recalling the late actor telling him, "I'll direct one and you be in it."

Slattery, who had also worked with Hoffman in Charlie Wilson's War, adds that he was eager to collaborate with the Oscar winner again.

"I would have done anything, anytime with him. He's just the best," Slattery states.