John Stamos and Beach Boys Tour Storm-Ravaged Alabama

"Full House" actor wanted to help "lift spirits and spread good vibrations" to tornado victims

Alabamans received an unexpected visitor this week in the aftermath of last month’s tornados. John Stamos and the Beach Boys met with citizens of Madison County before performing in a benefit concert Friday, reported The News-Courier.

“I felt like I was on the set of a disaster movie,” Stamos said after viewing disaster sites. He said the destruction made him feel “heartbreak.” 

About 60 high school students, whose families had been affected by the storm, were gathered in their school library to meet "special guests," when Stamos, Mike Love, and Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys arrived to greet them.

Proceeds from the benefit concert the group later played went towards buying a mobile medical unit to service the county. Such units are essential during natural disasters, when victims may not be able to make it to hospitals.

The concert had already been planned prior to the storms, but took on a renewed urgency after the devistation. Stamos, who regularly drums with the Beach Boys, asked to get involved after the storms.

“I was so struck by the devistation from the recent tornadoes in Alabama,” Stamos said. “I knew the Beach Boys had scheduled concerts in the area so I called Mike Love and asked if I could come down and help the band do what they do best which is lift spirits and spread good vibrations.”

The Beach Boys are preparing to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a tour, and lead singer Brian Wilson has recently hinted that he would retire from touring.

Eight people were killed and at least 97 were injured when seven tornadoes ripped through Alabama late last month.  More than 300 homes were could no longer be lived in afterwards, and the county government estimates that $10 million will be needed to repair the damage.