John Stamos, Bob Saget Reunite for College Humor Skit (Video)

The former “Full House” co-stars host a cuddling PSA.

Fans of the TV series Full House would probably not expect the reunion of co-stars Bob Saget and John Stamos to be a funny video on cuddling techniques. But that’s exactly what the duo brought in their short for College Humor.

“Hi, I’m John Stamos -- One of the most handsome men you could think of off the top of your head,” says Stamos in the opening of the video, “John Stamos’ Guide to Cuddling.

“Guys, if you truly want to win over a women, the key is cuddling,” he continues, stretched out on a bed in his pajamas.

Stamos then goes on the instruct men on how to succeed in cuddling, including the “Stamos Soother,” “Stamos Scalper,” and “Stamos Spoonful.” Bob Saget steps in as the lady friend for each instructional phase of the video. They give each other nose nuzzles, and butterfly kisses in bed.

Stamos warns future cuddles of one potential danger of cuddling: “Be careful not to let your arms get trapped beneath your special gal. This is worse than death.”

Other than making College Humor videos, the former Full House stars have been busy in other entertainment ventures. Stamos recently played TV host Corny Collins for a performance of Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl. He also had a memorable role on last season’s Glee.

The former Mr. Tanner, Bob Saget, starred in the short-lived comedy series Surviving Suburbia, and hosted A&E’s Strange Days series, which had him exploring various activities  and lifestyles.


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