John Travolta's Daughter Reveals She Lost First Tooth Around Oprah

John Travolta and daughter Ella Bleu Travolta - Getty-H 2019
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Ella Bleu Travolta, who's following in her famous father's footsteps, also recalled how her dad embarrassed her in front of her crush Taylor Lautner.

Ella Bleu Travolta may be a rising star in her own right, but the actress is no stranger to Hollywood.

John Travolta and his daughter stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday to discuss their latest film, The Poison Rose, though Ella did reveal to guest host Lena Waithe that her father isn't always as cool as he appears.

"There was one time that, actually, Taylor Lautner was coming over to the house and I loved him. Team Jacob," she said about the actor's Twilight character. "My friends and I were looking at pictures of him and just sort of researching him — like, 'Oh my gosh, he's coming.'"

Ella explained that her father knew that she was anticipating Lautner's arrival with his family. "The first thing he says to them is, 'Oh, Ella was just looking you guys up on the Internet,'" she said.

"A father's point of view is everybody loves Taylor Lautner. Wouldn't he be flattered that Ella's looking him up?" John explained.

The daughter added that while Lautner tried to calmly brush off the comment, she was mortified.

Ella also spoke about growing up on the sets of her father and mother Kelly Preston's films. "I've grown up on sets my whole life," she said.

always saw me as an unpredictable actor," the 'Pulp Fiction' star recalled. "He said, 'If I wanted predictability, I would have chosen someone different.'""]

While she has many on-set memories from her childhood, she also has a number of fond memories with stars. "I actually lost my first tooth with Oprah on a boat," she said. "It just happened, and I was really excited. I think I swallowed the tooth."

Meanwhile, John shared memories from his unlikely friendship with Muhammad Ali. "It was at a time where arguably we were the two most famous people in the world and he loved to compete with it," he said. "He  used to test it all the time. We'd walk down the street. He would say, 'Let's see who gets recognized first.'"

"One time a young person recognized us both and they kind of freaked out. He said, 'You think you're dreaming. You think you're seeing John Travolta and Muhammad Ali together. And you go home and you're gonna say was that real? Was I dreaming?'" Travolta recalled.

The two co-stars later spoke about The Poison Rose, which is Ella's second film. The father-daughter duo previously worked together on 2009's Old Dogs.

"When she was seven, she said, 'Daddy, I want to do a movie,'" John explained. One week later, the opportunity to work on Old Dogs presented itself.

"Now she turned 18 last year and said to me, 'Daddy, I think I'm ready to go back to movies.' Boom. A week later, this Morgan Freeman script came up," he said. "I said, 'Honey, we're on.'"

Watch their full appearance below.