John Travolta on Starring With Wife, Daughter in 'Gotti': It's "Too Perfect"

Travolta talks to THR about taking on the role of the legendary American crime boss.

With Kevin Connolly signed on to direct, John Travolta is gearing up to step into the shoes of mob boss John Gotti in the long-gestating Gotti, and he’s bringing his wife and daughter along with him.

Travolta, who flew into Toronto for less than 24 hours (by piloting his private plane, of course) to meet with buyers and shake hands at a Byblos-hosted bash on Sept. 11, tells The Hollywood Reporter that Kelly Preston and Ella Bleu Travolta will play Gotti’s real-life wife and daughter in the Lionsgate project. The film is being produced by Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, Fiore Films and Herrick Entertainment.

“My wife looks like Victoria and my daughter looks like Angel. It’s really weird,” says Travolta, holding court in a corner banquette with Connolly. The Entourage actor adds: “It’s uncanny. I looked at pictures and was thinking this is too perfect. Life is too short not to go to work with your family and friends.”

Travolta and his wife and daughter have appeared in only one other film together, the comedy Old Dogs with Robin Williams. The veteran actor says he has stuck with the mobster-based biopic for years because of the quality of the story and is excited about Connolly's take on the project. 

"Kevin presented his take to me, which is the vision I've always wanted, and I believe the vision John Jr. wanted," said Travolta. "It's a small character study of John Jr. and John Sr. that investigates the realness and grittiness of their repoire and the historical events of the Gotti family."