Seller of John Travolta 'Time Traveler' Photo Reveals Her Connection to Nicolas Cage 'Vampire' Photo


The woman, who collects Victorian era post-mortem photography, says the photos are real, but the listings are a joke.

The seller of a 19th century ambrotype photograph that shows a man with a striking resemblance to John Travolta and is touted on eBay as being proof that Travolta is a time traveler says she and the man who tried to sell the Nicolas Cage "vampire" photo are good friends.

The woman, who prefers to go only by Fawn, says she and Jack Mord, the man behind the Cage "vampire" photo are both collectors of Victorian era post-mortem photography.

In an e-mail interview she tells THR, "Earlier this summer, Jack was joking about his Nicolas Cage vampire photograph and that he was listing it on eBay and I told him about my John Travolta time traveler ambrotype and he said list it because they were a good match."

"We were just having a good time," she continues.

Though the asking prices were outrageous -- $1 million for the Cage lookalike pic and $50,000 for the Travolta lookalike -- Fawn says the highest offer she ever got was $35.

"Most people were curious and just thought the photo was fake or that I was weird. It's a really cool photograph but I never thought it would cause this sort of hoopla… funny."

Fawn says she has not heard from Travolta about the photo and that she has no idea who the man in the ambrotype is. She acquired it in 2003 with no additional information.