John Travolta ‘Time Traveler’ Photo for Sale on eBay

Original 1860's AMBROTYPE John TRAVOLTA - ebay - P

The “Pulp Fiction” star joins Nicolas Cage in having 19th century photos with their likeness appear for sale online. This time, the seller suspects time travel.

John Travolta is the latest celebrity to have his likeness show up in a photo dating from the 19th century.

An eBay seller in Ontario, Canada has put a ruby glass ambrotype photograph from 1860 up for auction and the man in the photo looks startlingly like Travolta.

Just two weeks ago, a seller on eBay posted a photo from the 1870s that looked like Nicolas Cage and speculated that the Oscar-winning actor was, in fact, a vampire.

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The seller of the Travolta photo doesn't look to the supernatural to explain the likeness, however. He's leaning toward science fiction. He writes, "For those of you who don't know, John Travolta is a Scientologist and many Scientologists believe in a type of reincarnation. Of course  Time travel can't be ruled out as well."

Unlike the seller of the Cage photo, who was asking for a million dollars before the photo vanished from eBay, this seller, who is a self-proclaimed collector of old photographs, is asking for a relatively modest $50,000.

The seller gives no other information about the man in the photo, but as of Thursday morning, four offers were already pending for the picture.