John Turturro and Eddie Izzard Join 'Cars 2' Voice Cast

They are bringing to life an Italian race car and a character dedicated to finding a renewable energy source.

NEW YORK - Walt Disney unveiled here Monday that two of the new characters in Cars 2 are voiced by John Turturro and Eddie Izzard.

The news was announced during an event tied to Toy Fair, which opened here this weekend.

Turturro is behind Italian race car and Lightning McQueen rival Francesco Bernoulli, Cars 2 director and Pixar and Walt Disney Amination Studios creative chief John Lasseter said in a video message at the event.

He said Turturro was the studio's immediate pick as voice actor for this new character and predicted audiences would love the character for his race car looks - a red, white and green Formula 1 car - and flamboyance.

Meanwhile, the British comedian voiced Miles Axlerod, a former oil baron who sold off his fortune, converted himself into an electric vehicle and dedicated himself to finding the renewable, clean-burning energy source of the future.

Cars 2 opens on June 24.