John Varvatos Talks Designing Joe Manganiello's Wedding Tux

Joe Manganiello Wedding Tux - H 2015
Courtesy of John Varvatos

Joe Manganiello Wedding Tux - H 2015

"Everything was custom, all the way down to the lining," says the designer.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello got married in Palm Beach, Fla., a little over a week ago, and so far we've been able to catch all the wedding details, courtesy of the Modern Family actress' Instagram account: from the five white outfits she wore (a custom Zuhair Murad wedding gown included) to her TV co-stars who attended the fancy occasion. While Vergara has shared quite a bit about the nuptials, less has been revealed about Manganiello's preparation for his big day — including the details of the John Varvatos-designed tux he wore to tie the knot.

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The Magic Mike XXL star said "I do" in a made-to-measure tuxedo designed by longtime friend Varvatos, who told Pret-a-Reporter that the actor wanted something that was "really timeless but at the same time, unique and chic." Together with the 38-year-old actor, Varvatos created a custom look that was meant to focus on "all the details — the fabric, the satin that we used for the lapel. Everything was custom, all the way down to the lining." Not only did he create a special outfit for Manganiello, but the groomsmen also got the tailor-made treatment.

"I was a fan of John's for years before I met him," said Manganiello, who was introduced to Varvatos at a charity event about seven years ago and has been a longtime supporter of the designer's Stuart House Benefit, which serves the needs of sexually abused children. "I, like many others, admired his incredible style and immense talent from a distance, but after getting to know him as a person, I am privileged to now call him my friend. And when it came time to choose what to wear on the most important day of my life, he was the one I wanted to design my tux."

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The one request that Manganiello had for the New York-based designer was to include a vest with his sleek ensemble. "You don't see that many tuxedos with vests, which I've always loved that look so when he mentioned that, [I thought] that's great,' " said Varvatos. In addition to the customized sleeveless piece, Varvatos made sure that every other detail was designed to perfection.

"The way we looked at everything was in a customized fashion. Even what the shoulders would look like on the garment, meaning the structure of the shoulder looking strong enough and elegant but not feeling too overpowering," noted Varvatos. "All the details, all the way down to his shirt collar placket under the shirt where we did a hidden French placket so it wasn't your standard tuxedo shirt. It was a beautiful French cuff shirt — it was a little cleaner and simpler."

Added Varvatos, who attended the nuptials: "He made me feel really special for how we contributed to his beautiful wedding."

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See exclusive photos of Manganiello's wedding tuxedo below.

BEST-DRESSED BUDS: John Varvatos and Joe Manganiello at the Magic Mike XXL actor's wedding with Sofia Vergara. (Photo: Donna Newman Photography)