John Wayne Auction Brings in $5.4 Million

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The two-day event included items such as the actor's last driver's license and an eye patch worn in 1969's "True Grit."

An auction of more than 700 items from the estate of John Wayne has brought in a tally of $5.4 million, organizers of the event said on Friday.

The auction, which included such items as the actor's last driver's license and an eye patch that Wayne wore as Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 movie True Grit, took place over the course of two days and was held by Heritage Auctions.

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Wayne's final driver's license raked in nearly $90,000, the Associated Press reports, and the eye patch was purchased for nearly $48,000. The Golden Globe award that Wayne won for his role in True Grit went for $143,400. A holster and gun belt that he used in El Dorado had a winning bid of $77,675.

But those weren't the highest-paid items. The highest bid of the event went for $179,250 for a green beret that the actor wore in the 1968 war film, The Green Berets.

Additionally, a hat that Wayne had worn in the films, Big Jake, The Cowboys and The Train Robbers, raked in nearly $120,000.

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