Johnny Depp on Career Expectations: I've Learned to "not Give a F—"

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The actor is tired of being "a dog at the track"

Johnny Depp is OK if his career choices don't please everybody.

The Into the Woods actor told Details that he admires his late friend Marlon Brando for eventually deciding he "just didn't give a f—." However, adopting this way of thinking wasn't easy, said Depp. 

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"First, I reached a point where I cared so much and was so diligent in terms of approaching the work," Depp said. "Then, you get to where you care so f—ing much that it gets goddamn beleaguering, you know?"

Depp, whose last starring role was earlier this year in Transcendence, has now managed to "care enough to not give a f—, because not giving a f—, that's the total liberation. Being game to try anything."

He explained that "it's like being a dog at the track" when studios expect his films to make as much money as, say, 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean did.

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"They expect you to live up to some race you happened to be in and won accidentally," he said. "From that first second, you're nothing more than a commodity. They have expectations of another Pirates."

He added that though it's exciting when a film connects with large audiences, it's "ugly" to make that a film's primary goal.

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