Johnny Depp Is Willing to Be Alec Baldwin's Trump Stand-In

Courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor, who played Trump in the Funny or Die faux 'Art of the Deal' film, also did his own impression of the president.

On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres complimented Johnny Depp on his ability to "do a great Trump" impression in his faux Funny or Die film, Art of the Deal.

Depp joked that it might not be a good thing that he can impersonate Trump well, and then, in his Trump voice said, "Nobody could be more presidential." The actor said he loves that Trump is even worse than he is in being able to formulate a sentence with "vocabulary that actually works together." 

While Depp has heard about Baldwin's famous Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live, he has never seen the impression. DeGeneres said it's just shocking to her that he hasn't seen it. "Well, I've seen Trump do Trump, which is shocking to me," deadpanned Depp.

DeGeneres had an idea. "If [Baldwin] ever stops doing it though, would you do it on Saturday Night Live?"

"Sure," responded Depp. "Because then basically, Alec's done all of the work. I can just copy him."