Johnny Depp Paints Nails, Herman Cain Ripped Over Mustache, Beastie Boys Go BAPE, and Esquire Gives 'Damn Good Advice'

Herman Cain Mustache - H 2011
Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Herman Cain Mustache - H 2011

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Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain is definitely having some trouble. First, four women accuse him of sexual harrassment. Now his wardrobe gets savaged by the menswear experts at WWD. And the first thing they go for is -- you guessed it -- his villainous moustache. Dude, it's gotta go. You look more like Snidely Whiplash than Errol Flynn. And the menswear experts also sniff that Cain's double-breasted suits make him look, and we quote, “like he's hiding something.”

Actor Johnny Depp is known for his eccentric vintage fashions and wacky accessories, from fedoras to Keith Richards-style skull scarves, nerdy specs, violet-tinted shades to layers of necklaces, skull rings and leather bracelets. And then there's his tattoo collection. But seen recently outside of the Plaza Athenee in Paris, the Pirates of the Caribbean star also rocked some "male polish" -- chipped blue nail polish. We gotta wonder if his daughter Lily Rose painted Daddy’s nails. Or maybe it's left over from his Barnabas Collins costumes/makeup in Dark Shadows.

All you need is more Beatle T-shirts? We don't know what to make of Comme des Garcon's new line of  Beatles sportswear [pictured below]. The fall/ winter 2011 collection features a series of T-shirts and button-ups in a funky colors with the Beatles logo.
The Beastie Boys are helping Japanese tsunami and earthquake victims by working with Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape. BAPE created the "Beastie Boys HEART Japan," a simple white T. All the profits go to BAPE’s Rescue and Rebuild, which funds the nonprofit relief agency Civic Force. The band's statement: "The People of Japan have given Beastie Boys so much love and appreciation throughout the years that we want to give back and help them, in some way, get through the devastation they've recently been through."

Dior menswear designer-turned-photographer Hedi Slimane feels right at at home in Los Angeles because it's haunted? “It is just about alignments really, and everything falls into place right now,” he told the New York Times. “Artists, museums and galleries are much stronger. There is also the space for everyone, the distance to elaborate. It certainly had a big influence on me. I discovered Los Angeles in the late ’90s. The city was not at its best at the time, but I fell for it right away. There is something almost haunted about it, a vibrant mythology that I find rather inspiring.”

Esquire wants to keep men up to date about the hottest trends in men’s fashion on the new online site There will be Esquire editors' picks and seasonal sales timed to topics in new issues of the magazine and editorial features on But our favorite cladmen offering is their no-nonsense DAMN GOOD ADVICE section.

The Gilt Groupe makes history with its first print ad campaign for Park & Bond, its full-priced men’s line launched in early August. The ad will be hard to miss -- an eight-page insert -- in the December issue of GQ. ??“We wanted to start with Park & Bond because it has perpetual inventory,” John Auerbach, Park & Bond president, tells WWD. “That makes it easier than flash inventory.”