Johnny Depp Confronts Ricky Gervais About Golden Globes Joke (Video)

Laurent Koffel/Getty Images

"The Rum Diary" actor makes an appearance on Gervais’ upcoming show, "Life’s Too Short."

Johnny Depp may be getting the last laugh. But Ricky Gervais is also getting the last laugh on his last laugh.

At the 2011 Golden Globes, host Gervais took biting swipes at many of the stars in the audience. One joke took a jab at Depp and Angelina Jolie, who had both starred in The Tourist. "It seems like everything this year was three dimensional - except the characters in The Tourist,” Gervais said. The camera then panned to a not-happy Depp in the audience.

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Depp is not one to forget when he’s been mocked, apparently. The Rum Diary actor’s anger at Gervais is all in good fun however, as he’ll appear on Gervais’ new show, Life’s Too Short, which will debut on Nov. 10 on BBC2, and then on HBO in February 2012.

Gervais and Steven Merchant’s new show follows Warwick Davis, a working little person, as he tries to make it in the entertainment industry.

In the preview clip, Davis brings Depp to meet Gervais and Merchant, and the conversation quickly turns to the Globes.

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Depp does a little name dropping, mentioning that he’s working on a film with director Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter (“She thinks you’re an idiot,” Depp tells Gervais.)

Gervais asks Depp is he’s done something to offend him.

“What do you mean? Like trashing me in front of 200 million people at the Golden Globes?” responds Depp.

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“I actually got together with a few pals after the awards, and we wrote some jokes about you,” says Depp.

"I want you to know this, and I want you to carry this with you for the rest of your days: No one makes fun of Tim Allen on my watch, and gets away with it."

Depp is just one of the many stars who will appear in the show, including Steve Carrel, Sting and Cat Deeley.