Johnny Depp to Appear in Ricky Gervais' Sitcom

Johnny Depp - European Film Premiere Public Enemies - 2009
Dave Hogan/Getty Images

But Gervais blogs that Jerry Seinfeld won't make a cameo in his BBC2 sitcom "Life's Too Short."

LONDON -- He was the butt of some controversial sparring at the Golden Globes for his role in The Tourist, but Johnny Depp doesn’t seem to have taken Ricky Gervais’s high-profile ribbing to heart.

The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchises is confirmed to appear in Gervais’s upcoming BBC2 sitcom Life’s Too Short, according to a post on Gervais’s blog.

Depp will guest star in the comedy, which is expected to have a host of big name cameo spots, though Gervais used his This Side of The Truth blog to dismiss rumors that Jerry Seinfeld would also make a guest appearance.

“The Depp bit is true. The Seinfeld isn’t,” he wrote.

Life’s Too Short, which is being co-written by Gervais’ longtime creative partner Stephen Merchant, will air on HBO as well as BBC2. It features the continuing adventures of diminutive star Warwick Davis who plays an egomaniac dwarf who runs a talent agency for other dwarves.

Meanwhile Gervais used his blog to confirm that he and Will Arnett will guest star in the hour-long final episode of The Office scheduled to air May 19 on NBC.