Johnny Depp Stars in New Music Video for Marilyn Manson's "KILL4ME"

Marilyn Manson KILL4ME Music Video Johnny Depp - Screenshot - H 2017

The actor also starred in the similarly strange "Say10" video last month.

Marilyn Manson has released a new video for his Heaven Upside Down single “KILL4ME,” which stars Johnny Depp and models Jocelyn Binder and Bailee Cowperthwaite. It’s a fairly NSFW clip directed by Bill Yukich, who also helmed Manson's similarly lascivious “Say10″ video (also featuring Depp), which bowed last month.

In the new clip, Depp sits in a dark room of sorts watching the often-nude Binder and Cowperthwaite’s exploits in a strange mansion through surveillance cameras. There’s a few creepy shots where the actor seems to be snuggling up to and stroking them while they are asleep.

Eventually, Depp, after wandering around the mansion for a while, finds a special room and decides it’s time, finally, for a vigorous threesome. Manson subsequently shows up and lolls around in bed as well, singing.

Earlier this month, Manson made headlines for miming the firing of a machine gun into a San Bernardino, California, audience, which he called ”a statement about how easily accessible semi-automatic weapons are and how seeing them has become normalized.”

Watch the “KILL4ME” clip, below.

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