Johnny Depp Talks Retirement, Engagement With David Letterman

Johnny Depp in China - P 2014

Johnny Depp in China - P 2014

After the "Late Show" host revealed he was hanging up his talk-show hat in 2015, Depp joked, "I was planning to announce my retirement," before getting serious about his engagement to Amber Heard.

It was a night of important life-changing announcements on the Late Show when Johnny Depp joined David Letterman on Thursday.

After Letterman spent the beginning section of the CBS show making a lengthy revelation of his impending retirement, he began his interview with the actor in his normal manner, but Depp wanted to talk about the host's big news. 

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"Apparently, you just announced you are retiring," said the Transcendence star, who said he regretted wavering.

"It was only because I was planning to announce my retirement. Now that is ruined because no one cares," he joked.

Letterman soon got back to business by talking about their respective kids, and the unusual sparkler on Depp's wedding finger.

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"I have a female engagement ring," confessed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who was first spotted wearing the ring while in Beijing on Monday. "Yes … it was too big for my girl … Amber [Heard].

"She is wearing the other one," explained the actor, whose two-day promotional trip to China earlier this week was a whirlwind of guitar playing, sculpting with artists and even some talk about his latest sci-fi thriller.

"The ring is too large for her, but it fits you perfectly," commented Letterman. 

"I think people are too scared to comment, 'Why is a grown man wearing a woman's engagement ring?'" joked Depp, about the unusual feminine jewelry that glittered on his left hand.

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Earlier on the Late Show, Letterman revealed that 2015 would be his final year. "Roughly, I have spent half my time behind this desk. More importantly, that means I spent half my time in makeup," he told the audience. "You can't but think about the passage of time; it is the way of life."

After recounting a long story about fishing with his son and trying to identify a golden eagle, he said, "That's when I thought, if you spend most of your day trying to ID birds, should you really be hosting a network television show?" 

Watch his departure announcement below: