Johnny Depp's Ad for Dior Sauvage Is Finally Here

Johnny Depp

It's everything you want it to be and more.

Johnny Depp is at his gritty-sexy finest in the new Dior Sauvage fragrance ad, which finally debuted this week along with the actual scent — a heady masculine mix of bergamot, pink pepper and patchouli that’s been double distilled.

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In the director’s cut of the spot, there’s an electric guitar (which he at one point tosses to the side in typical rockstar fashion), a hot vintage car, a drive into the desert, a buffalo and a coyote and, of course, a heavy dose of guyliner. What more could we want or expect from Depp, the ultimate rebel movie star?

The film was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Dior, and is meant to show Depp getting in touch with his inner animal, being one with nature and freeing himself from his chains — literally. Toward the end of the film, he gets out a shovel, digs a hole in the sand and drops all his covetable jewelry — necklaces, bracelets, rings— inside. In a voiceover, Depp says he’s looking for something: "I can’t see. I can feel it. It’s magic. Sauvage." Sold.