Johnny Depp's New Dior Video Features Majestic Birds, Man Jewelry

Johnny Depp

The actor is appropriately cast as the "hero of an epic road movie" for Dior's Sauvage fragrance.

As announced earlier this summer, ruggedly handsome Johnny Depp is the face of Dior's campaign and short film for its newest fragrance, Sauvage. Lucky for us, stills from the new film, called Into the Wild, were released on Dior's Instagram Wednesday morning, and, in true Depp form, they feature all the man jewelry, longing gazes and luscious, windblown hair we could have asked for.

The film, which won't be released until Sept. 2, casts the 52-year-old as "the hero of an epic road movie" and appears to be set in the desolate desert among the shrubs and majestic hawks and other desert-y things.

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A teaser trailer also was released. It shows a lone sports car driving through a futuristic cityscape with Depp's sultry, smoky voice uttering over the footage: "I have to get out of here. Which way? I don't know."

So mysterious.


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A photo posted by Dior Official (@dior) on