Johnny Knoxville Not Starring in ‘Three Stooges’

David Livingston/Getty Images

The "Jackass” star expressed some interest in the Farrelly brothers' project, but no offer was made.

Johnny Knoxville won’t be poking anyone in the eyes anytime soon. The Jackass star will not appear in the Farrelly brothers’ in-the-works Three Stooges movie.   

Variety ran a story March 10 saying that the Farrellys were “looking to set” Knoxville in the role of Moe, and that they were “waiting for Knoxville to officially accept.”

But insiders close to the film say that while Knoxville expressed some interest in the project, negotiations with 20th Century Fox never commenced and an offer to join the film was never made. Instead, the CAA and 3 Arts-repped Knoxville is weighing a couple of projects at Paramount, which made the Jackass films.

Mustache Riders would team Knoxville with the Broken Lizard comedy team and his Jackass colleagues Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn. And he’s producing with an eye to starring in a project called First Man, from writer-director Max Winkler and producer Matt Spicer, about a man whose wife is running for president.

Fox and the Farrellys are still looking for their Larry, Curly and Moe.

The Stooges movie is planned as a trio of half hour-ish tales set in the present day. The Farrellys' Conundrum Entertainment is producing with Stooges rights holder C3 Entertainment.