Johnny Knoxville Reveals Evel Knievel Dream Stunt (Video)

The 'Jackass' star shares what a Knoxville/Knievel team-up would have looked like.

Johnny Knoxville may have cornered the extreme stunts market, but he still pays homage to the original master, Evel Knievel.

So much so that Knoxville has concocted a few stunts he wishes he could have performed with the late daredevil, who died in 2007.

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"I don't know if he had anyone hanging on to him on the back of a motorcycle. Or I would ride like Michelle Pfeiffer did in Grease 2 and face him while he was doing a jump," Knoxville says. "But I don't think Evel would think that was too funny. But it would be entertaining to watch. 

Adds Knoxville, "Eye contact. One of his only stunts with eye contact."

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Knoxville made his comments at The Hollywood Reporter's Sundance Lounge; he was in Park City to talk about his new documentary, Being Evel, directed by Daniel Junge. See more on the doc in the video above.