Johnny Marr: I'll Reunite The Smiths if the UK's Government Steps Down

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Legendary guitarist dishes on relationship with former band mate Morrissey at the NME Awards.

It'll take a near revolution for The Smiths to get back together.

Speaking at the NME Awards in London on Wednesday, guitarist Johnny Marr said that he speaks sporadically with Morrissey, the iconic indie band's outspoken singer, and that British Prime Minister David Cameron would have to step aside for the group to reunite.

"We won't be reforming this week. Maybe if the government stepped down," he said. "If this government stepped down, I'll reform the band. How's that? That's a fair trade, isn't it? I think the country would be better off, don't you? I'll do it if the coalition steps down."

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Marr has swiped at Cameron before; in 2010, he tweeted to the Prime Minister, asking Cameron that he stop professing his enjoyment of the group.

"Stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don't," he wrote. "I forbid you to like it."

Morrissey has long sworn off a reunion -- in 2006 he said he'd "rather eat [his] testicles" than play with the group again -- and Marr has largely said it was unlikely to happen, as well. In 2007, he told the Daily Mail "Supposedly we were offered $10 million to play a handful of Smiths gigs in 2007 and I wasn't remotely tempted. I can't speak for Morrissey, but I know that I'm too busy right now to get the Smiths on the road again. Is that likely to change? Who knows?"

Since leaving the Smiths, Marr has been involved with a number of high profile bands and artists. He formed the supergroup Electronic with New Order's Bernard Sumner, played on the Pet Shop Boys' albums, teamed with Modest Mouse and worked with The Cribs.