Four join Tokyo fest's Green Carpet Club

John Woo, Julianne Moore among new members

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CANNES -- Jon Voight, John Woo, Fernando Meirelles and Julianne Moore have joined industry luminaries Kim Dong-ho, Beki Probst, Lionel Chouchan as founder members of the Tokyo festival's Green Carpet Club.

The club, which will now be opened to other executives and talent, aims to promote environmental, ecology and sustainability as was symbolized by the use of a green carpet at the 2008 fest instead of the usual red walkway. This year's festival runs Oct 17-25.

"After the response to last year's initiative we wanted to make this both permanent and worldwide," festival chairman Tom Yoda said. The festival will also be expanding its fund-raising events including the green tie club dinners and charity auctions and adding to its green practical measures, such as certification and energy conservation.

Yoda and Mika Morishita, head of the Tokyo market (TIFFCOM), forecast a further expansion of the sales and pitching event. "We already have 40 companies registered as exhibitors, where this time last year we had 30, and overall we are looking at a 25% increase in floor space," said Morishita.

The market, in its sixth frame this year (Oct. 20-22) is being propelled by a growing integration of the Japanese film, animation and games sectors. "This reflects the strength of Japanese content – film, manga, animation, music and digital content -- as well as government support," Yoda said.

Japan on Thursday night celebrated its presence at Cannes with a party for more than 1,000 guests.