'Jojo Rabbit' Star Roman Griffin Davis: A 12-Year-Old's View of Awards Season

JOJO RABBIT Still - Publicity - H 2019
Kimberley French/Twentieth Century Fox

The young actor reflects on his Golden Globe nomination for lead ?actor in a comedy and the oddest thing he's seen so far.

Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit is Roman Griffin Davis' first movie, and it has now landed him a Golden Globe nomination. The 12-year-old British actor, who plays a boy with an imaginary friend who looks a lot like Hitler, is this year's youngest nominee. He shares some thoughts on his nomination and the oddities of awards season.

What was the morning of the nominations like for you?

We were watching it, and they said, "Best actor in a musical slash comedy." Then we heard the "R" and I started screaming and running around the house. I was really thri — how do you say the word? — thrilled. I am still having to — what's the word? — process it.

Is there anyone that you still want to meet during awards season?

Leonardo DiCaprio! Also, Joaquin Phoenix, but that may be obvious. Also, Steven Spielberg. He is probably too cool to be there, but I can sneak to their table pretending to be a waiter.

If you could share a table with the cast of any other movie, which would it be?

Ohhhh! I would want to sit with Eddie Murphy and everyone from Dolemite.

What is the strangest thing that has happened during awards season?

Well, we went to Los Angeles and they had chicken with waffles. And that was strange. I am vegetarian, but just the thought of chicken and waffles — it is quite odd.



Taron Egerton: "I would love to meet the cast of Succession. I just think they're all so brilliant and different. Their performances are so strong and fantastic. 

Beanie Feldstein: "Little Women, obviously! It just feels surreal that Saoirse [Ronan] and I get to see each other shine [with Globe noms]." 

Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Frozen 2 Songwriter): "Cats and Andrew Lloyd Webber. He's the composer that we grew up idolizing. I may have seen Cats five times in one year." 

Kit Harington: "I'd sit with Succession. It's the show that's following Thrones on HBO. It has the same level of duplicitousness and deep untrustworthiness within its character. It's brutal. I love it." 

Andrew Scott: "The Crown table because Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies are great pals of mine and they've done a sterling job. You want to celebrate with people who were there with you when you're in films that nobody saw or where you're unemployed together or in plays that nobody was interested in watching." 

Shannon McIntosh (Once Upon a Time producer): "The Irishman. That would be a great table. It's some of the folks Quentin has worked with before, and I've worked with Marty before. There is a lot of love between us all." 

Kieran Culkin: "Am I going to be the jerk-off asshole like everybody else when I say Fleabag? I feel like everyone loves that show so I feel like everybody is going to be saying that." 

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