Jolliffe handed SAG board seat

Takes over for Justine Bateman in controversial move

The SAG Hollywood Board has appointed David Jolliffe to the seat vacated two weeks ago by Justine Bateman.

The move late Monday sparked a minor controversy as the choice bypassed alternate Marcia Wallace, who had the next-highest number of votes in the last round of elections.

The MembershipFirst party, which holds the majority on the local board, was criticized by Unite for Strength opponents for violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the guild's constitution. Although the board has the right to name any member it wants, Jolliffe had lost both his national and local board seats in the last round of elections and was removed as chair of the TV/theatrical contract-negotiating committee, which was disbanded this year.

More to the point, Jolliffe is a MembershipFirst stalwart, Wallace a Unite for Strength partisan. Bateman's term was ending this year.

Jolliffe, despite being a vocal critic of AFTRA, also recently was elected to its Los Angeles Local board.

Meanwhile, SAG's next round of elections already is gearing up. The filing deadline for candidates is July 23. One-third of the 69 national board seats are open in addition to the positions of national president and national secretary-treasurer.

Ballots are scheduled to go out to members Aug. 25, with the results due Sept. 24.

Monday's Hollywood Board meeting was the last of the term; the newly seated board will meet for the first time Oct. 5. The guild will hold a national plenary July 25 via video conference.