Jon Cooksey ready for 'Reboot'

Writing script for adaptation of TV series

Jon Cooksey has been signed to write the script for the first feature based on "ReBoot," one of the earliest computer-animated episodic TV series.

"ReBoot" is being redeveloped as a trilogy of feature-length films by Rainmaker Animation. Originally produced in 1994, the series was created by MainFrame Entertainment, which was acquired by and renamed Rainmaker in 2006.

Meanwhile, as part of a marketing campaign that was developed in conjunction with Zeros 2 Heroes Media, a "ReBoot" relaunch began with a series of writers pitching ideas with one selected to work with Rainmaker's animation team to create a comic that would evolve with the help of fans via the Web.

The new comic, "Paradigms Lost," was the brainchild of writer Jeff Campbell, producer Shea Wageman, artist Shaun Martens and designer Kelly Schmidt. In the story, two mortal enemies, the heroic Guardians and merciless Codemasters, set aside their differences to battle a viral outbreak that threatens the stability of cyberspace. The comic premiered Friday on the Web.

"The idea is to relaunch the brand in a new way," said Rainmaker Animation exec vp Paul Gertz, who oversees the project.

Gertz added that the feature script will be a different story from the comic. "But we plan to continue our methodology in terms of engaging the fans," he said.

Cooksey is a co-creator of "The Collector," and his writing credits include TV series "Rugrats" and "Outer Limits."

Projects in production at Rainmaker include the company's first computer-animated feature, "Escape From Planet Earth."