Jon Hamm: Funniest Moments in TV and Film

AP Images/Invision

Today Jon Hamm turns 44. We salute his birthday with a few revealing, humorous GIFs.

Today Jon Hamm, Mad Men star, national treasure and king of cameos, turns 44. We raise a glass to a man of many talents and fedoras with a few well-chosen GIFs that showcase his innumerable virtues. 

He's not afraid of life's biggest questions. 

He's honest, yet considerate in relationships.

His athleticism is unparalleled. 

He can even make a midlife crisis look good.

He appreciates the complexity of human emotions. 

He has classic taste in women and will shake it off when, and with whom, he pleases.

He's Jon Hamm, and he dances like no one is watching. Especially Bieber.

He's a master of seduction. 

The children, they look up to him.

This exists. And the world is more adorable because of it.

His idea for a perfect date is just like him — forever fabulous.