Jon Hamm Reveals Which 'Twilight' Star He Took to Prom (Video)

Jon Hamm Sarah Clarke - H 2012
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Jon Hamm Sarah Clarke - H 2012

The answer surprised Kiefer Sutherland, who has worked closely with the 'Mad Men' actor's date.

Bella Swan wasn’t the only one in her family to have a handsome prom date.

As conversation at The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy round table turned to twisting plotlines, Mad Men star Jon Hamm revealed he took a former 24 and current Twilight actress to his high school prom.

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The reveal came when Touch star Kiefer Sutherland was describing a 24 plotline in which the writers decided to make his costar Sarah Clarke a bad guy.

"That was my prom date, by the way," Hamm told a surprised Sutherland.

Clarke, who had a recurring 24 role as CTU-mole Nina Meyers, has more recently played Bella Swan’s mother, Renée, in the Twilight films.

“That's hysterical,” Sutherland said when learning of Hamm’s connection to Clarke. “I'm just trying to picture you dancing because she's quite a short girl.”

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Hamm, who knew Clarke in their mutual hometown of St. Louis, Mo., replied that it “worked out fine.”

Watch the entire round table discussion below.