Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm Star Alongside a Sports Car-Driving Turtle on 'The Tonight Show'

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon - Jon Hamm Turtle Soap Opera - H 2016

The stars pretended to look back on their time on the fictional '90s soap opera, 'In the Dusk of Night,' where they were often upstaged by their director's pet animal.

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon were soap stars? 

Well, no, not exactly, but on Friday's Tonight Show, the Mad Men star and talk show host pretended to reminisce about their fictional '90s soap opera, In the Dusk of Night, which Hamm boasted, "Is pretty much the reason I got Mad Men." 

Apparently, the soap's director would bring his pet turtle, Todd, to set and let it drive around in a remote-controlled car, often through live takes, and insist that actors pay no attention to the reptile motorist. Fallon shared one such clip, in which he and Hamm appeared in oversized wigs and fake mustaches, only to be upstaged by a turtle in a Yankees cap rocketing through in a hot pink sports car.

That wasn't all, however, as Fallon also divulged a clip from the soap's second season where things "got weird," according to Hamm. The tense scene that followed between Hamm and Fallon was once again interrupted by the shell-sporting speedster, this time blasting Ludacris' "Move Bitch (Get Out the Way)" from a miniature boombox mounted on his car. As expected, the duo maintained their composure despite the distraction.

These scenes paled in comparison to the clip from season three, when the soap introduced Todd's companions — a frog and a chicken. Drinking scotch in front of a fireplace, Hamm and Fallon had a dramatic conversation, only to be interrupted again by Todd rocketing his pink sports car off the mantel behind them, followed by a chicken crashing into the scene behind the wheel of a remote-controlled truck. 

Fallon and Hamm finally broke their stone-walled expressions when a drone was lowered from the rafters above, to the tune of Eric Carmen's soulful 1976 hit "All By Myself," with a rubber frog dangling from its sides. The two embraced, unable to stifle their laughter.

Watch the video below.