This Is the Facial Mask Jon Hamm Used Pre-Golden Globes

Jon Hamm 2 - P 2016
Steve Granitz/WireImage

And the rest of his $765, 25-minute red-carpet skincare system.

You may think that leading men get off easy when it comes to hair and makeup—they don’t wear makeup and generally have much less hair to style. But for something as high-profile as the Golden Globes, they are still subject to drawn-out beauty routines. Case in point: Jon Hamm, whose groomer Kim Verbeck shares that she spent 25 minutes on the Mad Men star and Globe winner before he walked the carpet.

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Hamm’s prep started before the day of, in fact. “I gave Jon the new ReVive Masque de Glaise ($125) to use prior to the Golden Globes,” says Verbeck. On Sunday, they were going for a clean and classic leading man look, so he was clean-shaven.

After cleansing his face, she used ReVive Balancing Toner ($65) and then ReVive Sensitif Oil Free Lotion ($215) for a matte finish. She calls it her “can’t-live-without-it” secret weapon. “It’s great for guys because it [moisturizes] but leaves no shine, and I even use it to mix with makeup.”

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The shine thing is important, says Verbeck, who adds that especially with HD cameras it’s a no-no. “Skincare is my secret weapon because for men you can’t rely on makeup to cover all the imperfections. Men who use good products always look better for camera.” And the finishing touches she put on Hamm? ReVive’s $60 lip balm and $225 eye cream.