Jon Huertas Reveals Unusual Way He Discovered His 'This Is Us' Role

"I had no idea until I went to do the makeup test what was being asked of me, to portray someone who everyone thinks betrayed his friend."

It’s no secret: audiences are obsessed with NBC’s hit drama This Is Us, and the passion isn’t slowing down anytime soon. To prepare viewers for the season two finale, airing this Tuesday, Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to talk about his admiration for the show and the funny way he found out which character he was playing.   

Calling himself “more than just an actor on the show,” Huertas is just as big of a fan of This Is Us as everyone else.

“I love to tune in and watch it every week myself because it gives you the feels,” he said. “It lets you tap into some things you might have experienced in your life that sometimes make you cry, sometimes make you laugh.”

The actor revealed that he was drawn into the show from the minute he read the pilot, which he calls “the best pilot I’ve ever watched.” But when he landed the role of Jack’s best friend Miguel, he had no idea what he was getting himself into; he thought “it was a smaller role.”

“I thought I was just playing Jack’s friend and I was going to be reoccurring on the show, and I would go and get one of those fancy cable shows that everybody’s talking about,” Huertas said.

After receiving a call from the makeup artist asking him to come in for his “makeup test,” he quickly learned his role was more involved than he thought. It wasn’t until after the creation of his life cast, which is a mold used to create the prosthetics used for “older Miguel,” that he learned more about his character’s storyline.

“I had no idea until I went to do the makeup test what was being asked of me,” he said. “To portray someone who everyone thinks betrayed his friend.”

The season two finale of This Is Us airs Tuesday, March 13, at 9 p.m.