Jon Huntsman's Daughters Parody Herman Cain Ads in YouTube Campaign (Video)

Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Three daughters of the G.O.P. hopeful, sporting fake mustaches, poke fun at the current Republican frontrunner's latest spot.

The 2012 presidential campaign has become family affair for former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. The Republican candidate's three oldest daughters -- Liddy, Abby and Mary Anne -- are attempting be his mustachioed ambassadors to Internet-dwelling Millennials with efforts on Twitter and YouTube.

The trio released their first campaign ad in support of their father on Friday, fixing the aim of their YouTube spot on frontrunner Herman Cain and his chief of staff Mark Block.

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Cain's campaign released a YouTube promo of its own earlier in the week, featuring extreme close-ups of Block, his rather monotone speech and some gratuitous cigarette smoking.

Stylizing their video after Block's. the Huntsman ladies don fake facial hair and blow bubbles at the camera instead of smoking cigarettes.

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"We strongly believe that our dad has the experience and proven track record to revive America's economy and create jobs," says one daughter. "Even if we didn't believe that... we'd still have to be here."

Huntsman's daughters have been tweeting for some time under the handle @Jon2012Girls, where they've taken a similarly tongue-in-cheek approach to the campaign.

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