Jon Huntsman's Daughters Mock G.O.P. Candidates With Justin Timberlake Parody (Video)

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The flagging Republican hopeful's daughters make another play for viral attention -- without giving his campaign much notice.

Whatever he may lack in the polls, Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman more than makes up for with online dialogue.

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Just days after Daily Show host Jon Stewart pranked Huntsman with an onslaught of Mad Men related questions on Twitter, the former Utah governor's daughters have released the latest installment in their viral campaign to get their dad get more attention.

"Huntsman's Back," an off-key parody of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back," finds Liddy, Abby, and Mary Anne Huntsman lampooning Herman Cain's pizza past, Rick Perry's gaffes and Mitt Romney's flip-flopping.

And unlike earlier posts on their Twitter feed (@Jon2012girls) and their Herman Cain ad parody, this spot didn't get a whole lot of vetting from their father's campaign.

The Washington Post reports (via Gawker) that the Huntsman ladies have "gone rogue."

"The video was produced without authorization,” a Republican close to the campaign told the Post. “The girls were asked by a number of campaign officials to not release the video. The campaign was not informed of the release of the video. The video does not have a disclaimer and is not a campaign product.”

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As Huntsman's numbers languish -- recent polls show him under 10 percent in New Hampshire and far worse nationally -- insiders suggest the videos might take away from his key messages about keeping the campaign series.

His daughters, however, remain committed to humor. They announced the latest clip with a snarky tweet: "Spotted: Herman Cain rolling up in style to the Hilton Garden Inn in Manchester with a 6 car motorcade... jamming to this."

Listen to the jam in question below:

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