Jon Lovitz Tweets Lead to Bullies' School Expulsion

MIchael Underwood/PictureGroup

The comedian posted pictures of 14-year-old girls he said had vandalized the home of a friend with swastikas.

Some in Hollywood help bullying victims by appearing in encouraging videos. Jon Lovitz takes it a step further.

The comedian took to Twitter after the daughter of a friend was the target of anti-Semitic bullying. According to Lovitz’s Twitter feed, the girl was bullied by three  14-year-old classmates, who left “Swastikas in sh*t” on the girl’s front porch.  He tweeted pictures of both the vandalism and of the accused vandals to his 26,000 followers.

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“Let them be famous as Jew haters. Pls RT,” he wrote.

After receiving an outpouring of support from followers, some of whom said they had been bullied, Lovitz tweeted an update:

“The three girls who vandalized my friends home with swastikas and dog crap, have been expelled from their school permanently,” he tweeted.

He added that criminal charges had been filed against the mother of one of the girls, who allegedly drove them to the victim’s home.

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Lovitz has since engaged his Twitter followers in a conversation about bullying and discrimination. While many have expressed support for the comedian’s actions, Lovitz also acknowledged some of his critics by retweeting them.

One person tweeted that though the girls were “bullies themselves,” Lovitz was “bullying, too,” by targeting the girls.

Lovitz disagreed, and asked his followers to weigh in.

“I think @chrisdanzig misses the whole point. Now, I'm the bully?? What do you think?”