Jon Stewart to Angelina Jolie: Imagine If We Had Ended Up Together

Angelina Jolie Jon Stewart - H 2014
Comedy Central

"We could have been a vodka brand"

Angelina Jolie talked to Jon Stewart about her film Unbroken when she visited The Daily Show on Thursday, but she also batted her eyelashes and jokingly responded to his pseudo-flirting when the duo exchanged mutual compliments.

Jolie said she hasn't watched all of the films she's been in and Stewart joked that he's seen them all. Then he sincerely complimented her talent, recalling how he impressed he was by her when they first met in 1998. 

"If you'd ended up with me instead of Brad Pitt, our portmanteau — Stewart and Jolie — would have been Stolie," said the late-night host. "We could have been a vodka brand!" Watch below to see the two express mutual admiration and to hear Jolie talk about questioning herself about being the right person to direct Unbroken.

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