Jon Stewart Bashes Trump, His Supporters on 'Daily Show' (Video)

Jon Stewart Donald Trump - H 2015

"I believe we have our campaign slogan: 'Trump 2016: Somebody’s doing the raping.'"

With Jon Stewart's run on The Daily Show soon coming to a close, the host thanked Donald Trump Thursday night for giving him so much good material over the years. 

"I want to talk about someone who's been there for me throughout this whole run, but especially near the end of the run," said Stewart. "His name is Donald.

"Donald recently glided back into my life on his solid gold up-and-down people mover, cranked up the unauthorized Neil Young, opened up his crazy hole, and promised me I would never be without material again," Stewart added.

Stewart took shots at supporters of the presidential candidate in light of his recent remarks about Mexican immigrants. Trump has refused to take back his words on Mexico sending "criminals" and "rapists" across the southern border, stating, "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. And some, I assume, are good people."

When Trump was questioned by CNN anchor Don Lemon earlier in the week, the presidential candidate responded, saying, "Somebody's doing the raping."

“I believe we have our campaign slogan," said Stewart. "'Trump 2016: Somebody’s doing the raping.'”

Stewart expressed he's not necessarily surprised at Trump's actions, but he's angry at his supporters who are twisting and defending his comments. A video of Trump's immigration comments flashed onscreen both in slow motion and with captions onscreen as a joke to make the comments easier to understand for supporters who believe that people are taking Trump's quotes out of context.

"Stop pretending he didn’t say and is sticking to what he said, which is Mexico is purposely sending us drugs, killers and rapists and within that group there may be, he’s not sure, some people who are good," said Stewart.

However, the talk show host is hopeful that soon Trump's comments will come back to haunt him and diminish his chances at presidency.

"The one good thing to come out of this is the farce of his candidacy is finally exposed," said Stewart.

Stewart might have spoken too soon because numbers appeared onscreen showing that Trump has placed second among Republican presidential candidates in a national poll. The evidence left Stewart speechless.

"F— me," said Stewart. 

Watch the full clip below.