Jon Stewart Calls Chris Christie's Excuse "Saddest Thing" He's Ever Heard

Jon Stewart Stock - H 2015
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, file)

The New Jersey governor spun the fact that his constituents didn't think he should be president into a compliment.

Jon Stewart isn't giving New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a pass on why his constituents don't think he'd make a good president.

On Wednesday night's The Daily Show, Stewart cited a poll showing 65 percent of New Jersey residents weren't interested in the new presidential candidate moving into the White House. He then played a clip of Christie explaining the poll by saying it was because people want him to stay in New Jersey so bad that they can't bear to think of him moving away and becoming president.

"That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," said Stewart in response.

He likened it to a guy claiming his girlfriend dumped him because he was "too good" for her, and she thought he deserved someone better.

Earlier, Stewart joked about the growing field of Republican contenders, showing all 17 up on a screen that resembled the Mortal Kombat screen where a player selects a character.

"Seventeen! Only two more, and we unlock Sub-Zero," said Stewart. "Obviously, he's going to have to alter his spine-ripping for the general election, but it will work in the primary."