Jon Stewart Criticizes Chris Christie and the Media for Ebola Reaction

Jon Stewart Ebola - H 2014
Comedy Central

Jon Stewart Ebola - H 2014

"The land of the free...unless you have a fever"

The Daily Show came back from its hiatus on Monday night, broadcasting from Austin, Texas, and Jon Stewart came out with guns blazing against the New York and New Jersey media for their Ebola panic.

He joked about their "measured approach" before showing a series of clips on the media coverage of the New York City doctor being treated for Ebola. Stewart also took on Chris Christie's remarks about his involuntary quarantine of a nurse.

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"Why does Christie have to be such a dick about everything?" says Stewart in the clip. The talk show host adds, "He has to be like 'You're a doctor without borders? Not anymore — get in the f—ing room.'"

Watch as Stewart mocks the New Jersey governor and also sings a revised version of the Star Spangled Banner.

9:50 am, Oct. 28 Update: The Comedy Central video appears to be unavailable, here is where the video clip appears on the Daily Show site, at the 7:50 mark.