Jon Stewart Goes to His Post-Election Happy Place on 'Full Frontal'

Jon Stewart Colors on Full Frontal — H 2016

Samantha Bee blames herself for Trump's win: "I should have thrown Gary Johnson off that f—ing wall when I had the chance."

American is in the midst of a blame game after Donald Trump's win, says Samantha Bee, and she's willing to plead guilty for not doing her part.

"I just want to say I accept my share of the blame," said Bee. "I should have thrown Gary Johnson off that f—ing wall when I had the chance. Forgive me America." She said this while showing footage of herself and Johnson climbing a rock wall from a previous Full Frontal. She also blames "the Jews," jokingly showing a headline that claimed Hillary Clinton would have won if Jon Stewart were still hosting The Daily Show.

Bee wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving next week, saying everyone should take care of themselves in their own way whether that's "drinking enough to cope with your dad's joy or hastily marrying whichever of your friends seems most likely to get deported, or binge-watching 93 hours of West Wing." She added, "I hope you spend it in your happy place like this guy," showing a clip of Stewart singing to himself and drawing in a meditation coloring book.

"I'm coloring a turkey and its over," he sings. 

"I've really turned into quite an odd person with the little horses and the coloring," Stewart said to himself.