Jon Stewart Rips Media For Comprehensive Coverage of Hillary Clinton's Chipotle Visit

Daily Show Hillary Clinton at Chipotle - H 2015

'The Daily Show' host points out that news of Sen. Marco Rubio announcing his own White House bid was overshadowed by the Democratic presidential candidate ordering lunch.

Jon Stewart kicked off Tuesday night's Daily Show by talking about Marco Rubio's entry into the 2016 presidential race.

It was the big political news from the previous 24 hours, Stewart indicated, but he was surprised to find that many news outlets focused on another story from the campaign trail: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visiting an Ohio Chipotle.

"How could Marco Rubio have known that on the exact same day he was launching his candidacy, Hillary Clinton would eat lunch?," Stewart joked. He then wondered why Clinton visiting the Mexican restaurant would even make the news, launching into a brief Chipotle promo, captioned by "Please Send Us Free Food."

The Daily Show also ran a supercut of the media's exhaustive Clinton-at-Chipotle coverage, including what she ordered.

The show also illustrated how CNN might have covered the incident, featuring computer simulations straight out of CNN's missing Malaysian airplane coverage.

"I assume CNN just went full Malaysian airplane on this thing with a computer simulation of how witnesses said the order might have gone down and then correspondent Tom Foreman analyzing the likely contents of the burrito itself," Stewart said over footage of Foreman standing next to a giant, spinning burrito.

"There is an important Latino political story here," an exasperated Stewart said. "But it's not the one that happened at Chipotle."

He then cut to Rubio. But after one more example of the media analyzing Clinton's Chipotle run, Stewart said, "It's gonna be a long f—ing election."