Jon Stewart Joins Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' Band

The former 'Daily Show' host made the latest stop in his late-night rounds to promote his upcoming HBO special.

Jon Stewart continued to make the late-night rounds Tuesday, stopping by Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Although attempting to blend in as an eccentric drummer for the show’s band, Stewart’s identity was soon revealed to the cheering audience.

Stewart has stopped by multiple nightly talk shows to promote HBO’s Night of Too Many Stars, a special that will raise funds for those with autism and their families.

The former Daily Show host explained that all of late-night is participating in the cause, with each show offering its own special prize. For his part, Meyers is offering a chance to join the Late Night writing staff for a day and an opportunity to join him and his team for drinks at the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Stewart couldn’t help but tease Meyers for his lackluster way of saying he was “excited about it.”

"That seemed like a question when you said you were very excited about it,” Stewart told Meyers. After the Last Night host asked for another try, Stewart jokingly responded, “Let me talk to my band.”

The two talk-show veterans also swapped stories about pretaped bits.

Night of Too Many Stars airs Nov. 18.