Jon Stewart, Jordan Klepper Banter Over Height Differences on 'The Opposition'

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper Jon Stewart - Screenshot - H 2017

The former 'Daily Show' host reunited with his former colleague as he continued making the late-night rounds to promote his upcoming HBO special.

Jon Stewart dropped by The Opposition with Jordan Klepper Thursday night, engaging in comical banter with the host about their height differences and jokingly comparing Klepper to Hitler.

Klepper began the segment by explaining that he placed an ad in a mock-magazine aimed at the elderly titled, “Yelling at Cars That Go Too Fast,” and successfully found an elderly contest winner to take part in his segment, “Learn from someone near the grave before it’s too late.”

As he introduced the winner, “Jon S. from New Jersey,” Stewart appeared, surprising the audience. The former Daily Show host has been making the late-night rounds to promote HBO’s Night of Too Many Stars, a special that will raise funds for those with autism and their families.

As Klepper began interviewing Stewart posing as the contest winner, Stewart was quick to comment on their height difference.

“I’m gonna act like we’re the same height if that’s all right,” Stewart told Klepper, attempting to adjust his seat. “How does it feel now that you’re not in control of how high somebody else can be?” Klepper quipped to his former Daily Show boss.

“I feel shitty. It feels shitty,” Stewart joked in response, also explaining to Klepper, "A person like you, honestly, I don’t normally see unless they’re eating foliage from the world. It’s not something that I normally see."

While explaining his true purpose for being on the show, Stewart couldn’t help but comment on the lackluster audience reaction after he named Chris Rock as one of the special’s featured stars. Klepper argued that it wasn’t difficult to get a “woo” response from the audience, as he proceeded to ask them to cheer.

“I just want to say something. That is how Hitler started," Stewart interjected. "He had a talk show, he got people to ‘woo’ and the next thing you know, ‘Hey, why don’t we all go visit Poland?'”

Getting defensive, Klepper said, “You come onto my show and you’re already connecting me to Hitler? I don’t need this. We’re just starting the show." Also adding, “I’m a white guy on late-night and you come on this show and you connect me to Hitler. Jesus Christ.”

Stewart then asked whether the show had an editor. “We’re a start-up, Jon! This all goes out,” Klepper protested. “Don’t you know about modern TV? It’s all about content. We just push everything out!”

Although Klepper revealed that he will offer a prize to ride in a helicopter with him over New York City to raise funds for the special, the Opposition host proceeded to ask Jon, “Can I borrow you’re illuminati helicopter?”

Night of Too Many Stars airs Nov. 18.