Jon Stewart Leaving 'Daily Show': Hollywood Reacts on Twitter

Jon Stewart in 'Rosewater'

The Daily Show host took a summer off from his Comedy Central series to direct Rosewater — starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Kim BodniaHalah Bilginer and Shohreh Aghdashloo — offering a fictional account of London-based Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari's memoir Then They Came for Me, which details his period in a Tehran prison in June of 2009 after being arrested while covering the 2009 elections. "I was unfamiliar with the filmmaking process, which can be very long," he told THR. "And I'm not built for that. Ultimately, I said to Maziar, 'I feel like I know a path through this. I think I have a sense of what the individual story is but also what the larger thrust is. Let me just go f—ing write this and let's be done.'"

Piers Morgan offered a message that wasn't entirely flattering of the Comedy Central personality.

Jon Stewart is stepping down from hosting the Daily Show, and Hollywood has plenty to say about it.

Stewart, who has hosted the Comedy Central series for more that 15 years, made the announcement Tuesday during the show's taping.

Here is what celebrities and public figures are tweeting about the big news.

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