Jon Stewart Loving Post-'Daily Show' Life: "He's The Mayor of the Smoothie Store"

Jon_Stewart_Tracey_Stewart_Interview Screengrab - H 2015

Jon_Stewart_Tracey_Stewart_Interview Screengrab - H 2015

Stewart looks more relaxed than ever, but retirement hasn't softened his wit.

Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracey, welcomed CBS This Morning to their New Jersey farm on Thursday to talk about what appears to be a pretty blissed-out post Daily Show life. But if Stewart looked more relaxed than ever — bearded, wearing a hoodie, leaning against a wooden fence — he's still got his comedic chops, cracking up both Gayle King and his wife throughout the interview.

"Do you miss it the way people miss you?" King began.

"I miss the people I worked with," Stewart replied. "And so, you know, we email and we bitmoji back and forth."

For now, Stewart clearly isn't regretting his decision to leave the Daily Show after 17 years as host. "No, [I don't regret it] because I feel like I completed it to the best of my ability," he told King. "All I can do now is be happy I had that opportunity."

So what does Stewart do these days, now that he's no longer toiling away at the office?

For starters, he takes his kids to school. "I take em to school, I pick em up," said Stewart of his leisurely days. "I go to the car wash. I get smoothies. I call her on the road and I'm like, 'I'm eating a slice in the car!'"

"He's the mayor of the smoothie store," Tracy nodded. 

But Stewart isn't just playing farmer, super dad and mayor of blended drinks. "I still get to write," he said. "It's not like I don't feel productive or creative, but rather than just painting with three colors, I get to get the whole thing now."