Jon Stewart Skewers TLC, Lowe's Over 'American Muslim' Boycott

Courtesy of Comedy Central

"Who gives a jihadi terrorist cell a show?" joked the "Daily Show" host.

Jon Stewart is taking Lowe's to task for pulling ads from TLC's All-American American Muslim in a boycott of the reality show. But he's not letting the network off the hook, either.

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On Tuesday night's Daily Show, Stewart lampooned the controversy alongside "senior Muslim correspondent" Aasif Mandvi, joking: "Who gives a jihadi terrorist cell a show? ... This 'All-American Muslim' show must be about jihadi progranda!" The Comedy Central host then aired footage from the show of a husband and wife discussing having a child, to which Stewart responded: "Seriously, that wouldn't have been interesting to hear even if that guy was building a bomb as he was talking! That is the most boring reality show imaginable."

(He also took a jab at the network's slate of reality programming including the former hit Jon & Kate Plus Eight and popular series Toddlers & Tiaras. He showed a clip of the latter wherein a pageant mom tells her young daughter: "You're not a stripper but shake your butt a little bit." The girl's perfectly timed response: "Why would you even say that?")

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The Florida Family Assocation's call for a ban of the new program led Lowe's and travel website Kayak to drop sponsorship; the activist group claims American Muslim is dangerous because it depicts its subjects as average citizens versus radical fundamendalists. Taking on the organization's philosophy, Stewart continued: "This show is harmful education-wise to your belief structure? Is that not the purpose of education vis-a-vis relief structures, to replace your belief structures with facts?"

Mandvi, shown reporting live in front of a Lowe's, demanded the home improvement chain be "shut down entirely." He cracked: "Without the store Lowe's, the jihadist goal is unachievable."

Check out the video below: