Jon Stewart Makes Surprise Appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Courtesy of ABC

He was joined by a break-dancing crew to promote the upcoming charity event 'Night of Too Many Stars,' which airs Nov. 18 on HBO.

Jon Stewart made a surprise appearance with his break-dancing crew on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday night to promote the upcoming charity event Night of Too Many Stars, which airs on HBO on Nov. 18.

The former Daily Show host interrupted Jimmy Kimmel during his opening monologue to show off his dance moves, with a boom box in tow. The appropriately surprised host asked what the group was doing, to which Stewart explained, "What does it look like we're doing? This is my crew, we're getting fresh, popping locks, we rock it. This is what we do."

"This is wonderful, but I am in the middle of a show right now — you remember how shows work?" Kimmel responded.

"To be honest, no," Stewart joked.

When Kimmel explained that the space, which his show is renting out as part of "Brooklyn Week," is technically his, Stewart said that a dance-off was the only way to settle their dispute, prompting some pretty outrageous moves.

Night of Too Many Stars will be hosted by Stewart and will feature a mix of sketches, short films and stand-up performances by fellow comedians and late-night hosts. The event raises money to support autism schools, programs and services.

Stewart also brought a video of Kimmel and Matt Damon revealing the Omaze experience they’re offering to help people with autism. The duo have been feuding as part of a long-running gag, and they played up their faux hatred in the clip.

Watch the video below.